Delivery Management

Delivery Management

Avondale Aim
Avondale assists our clients with management if all types of freight vehicle movements to and from their construction site. Implementing robust management systems will improve the safety and reliability of deliveries to a site, reduce congestion and minimise the environment impact of our client’s projects.
Avondale experienced delivery management team can provide the following services:-
•    Working with our client to implement our bespoke computerised delivery management system (DMS)
•    Supply and install traffic management system including creating loading bays with all signage, barriers, fall arrest system
•    Provide experience and competent traffic marshals
•    Provide dedicated loading out gangs and material handling plant to delivery materials to the work face from loading bays
•    Provide crane coordination and banksman for the vertical movement of materials
•    The implantation and management of consolidation delivery solutions to major developments.

Our clients are aware that material delivery management scheduling system can br vital in managing deliveries to projects. Avondale has developed its own bespoke web based system which is particularly strong in its ability to adapt to specific projects requirements.
Essentially our system enables a project to:-
•    Schedule optimise and co-ordinate crane and hoist utilisation
•    Monitor subcontractor deliveries
•    Produce reports on daily deliveries for issue to security plant operators etc.
•    Capture carbon dioxide data from sub-contractor deliveries

Freight Management & Construction Consolidation Centres
Avondale believes that the implementation and management if consolidation Delivery Solutions to large developments in major cities will eventually become compulsory through legislation. In order to strengthen our skills in this area we have worked with the logistics Education Centre to develop  a three day course which our management team have undertaken to further enhance their knowledge on warehousing and freight management, therefore adding extra value to the level of service we can offer our clients.
Avondale can arrange for the provision, management and maintenance of consolidation centres to enable managed, consolidated Trade Contractor deliveries for large projects.

We will ensure delivery of Just –in- Time consolidated loads to meet planned productivity and on receipt, Avondale loading out gang using the relevant multi-user plant will take the material to the agreed point of use.

The labour Avondale allocates the management if materials will be suitably qualified and experienced to undertake the material management role. Training given by Avondale to their employees includes manual handling, safety awareness, logistics NVQ Plant operation and traffic marshalling.

As well as keeping the project free from unnecessary materials which have been delivered too early our logistics arrangements can removed

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