Digital Innovation

The company takes pride in being at the forefront of our industry and finding ways to add value to our Clients’ projects. We have worked with a market leading software developer to produce a unrivalled system for the management and removal of waste generated on construction projects. Avondale system is called L.O.W.D which stands for

  • LIVE
  • DATA

Our clients have been quick to recognise the benefits of its user friendly interface so minimal training is required to operate system. We are delighted to have been nominated by Skanska to their supply chain Green Solution Award

L.O.W.D is a secure web-based system which allows accurate real-time reporting of waste generated on an individual construction project using the latest mobile phone technology. The system allows all project stake holders, the client, main contractors and Trade Contractors to accurately monitor all waste generated by construction operations via a dedicated website. The system was created in response to a number of recurrent concerns raised by our client, their key concerns were Trade Contractors failure to fill their contracted duties to clear away their waste when installing their work, and significant doubts about the reliability of Waste Transfer Stations recycling reports i.e. these reports were not project specific enough.

Operation of this system is very easy to implement and Avondale will provide all the required technology to the project and manage the whole process from start to finish offering you greater control over both environmental and financial expenditure. Any stake holder to a project can be given access to the projects dedicated website and its reporting functions. All that is required is a user name and password to enable access allowing them to actively manage waste in real time through the month, day or hour to stop excess waste in turn reduce unnecessary costs. The commercial savings are considerable and are passed onto our clients via our competitive pricing of the waste removal element of our works

To demonstrate how effectively this works we have a video demonstration of L.O.W.D in action on a large and busy construction site.

Avondale Site Tidy App

Avondale’s latest innovation Site Tidy is a smartphone App, which provides a way for our waste Mangers to spot an infringement on their project using their smartphone. Rather than the traditional (and time consuming) method of producing non-conformance notices for waste transgressions on site. Avondale has worked with software developers to combining latest in mobile phone technology with a unique market leading App to solve one of constructions biggest problems.

Avondale site tidy gives us the ability to record and issue Trade Contractors with any action to rectify their non-conformance by a set time or be contra-charged by our clients.

The App will send warning notices with a picture attachment to the Trade Contractors E -mail address, a SMS message to their site representative phone ensures that they act quickly to address the problem, preventing environmental and safety issues arising. It also ensures that our clients do not incur additional cleaning costs or alternatively has the ability to recover these costs.

Site Tidy also has a back –office function which will display all items issued one dedicated website including the status of the number of pending, late or closed –out issues as well as bench marking the performance of different Trade Contractors to cut down on time spent on paper work and administration costs


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