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Johns Loss of Locks

John Easton from Skanska decided to take a very bold move and have his silver locks cut off, this will be Johns first visit to a barbers since 1972. We all know that this is something that he hasn’t taken lightly so to help him feel better we have decided to use the occasion as a opportunity to raise money for a good cause, Mates in Mind. Yesterday he had his hair cut in The Legends Barbershop in John Adam Street and showed off his new do in Theodore Bullfrog opposite for the wake/stiff drink. So far he has raised a massive £1228.75 and counting….

If you wish to make a donation, visit –

Well done John!

Today, we had a safeTALK: Suicide Alertness for Everyone (half day) training course at our site in Stratford. The course objective is too make you aware of signs somebody might be suicidal and what you can do to make a difference.

Construction is a rewarding industry though at times, pressures can be high. For a long time, people haven’t found it easy to come forward and say they’re not ok but times are changing and more construction companies are making this a priority. Follow safeTALK steps – Tell, Ask, Listen and Keep-safe. These steps will guide both through the process and connect to specialised support.

If you’re interested in organising a course for yourself or company, visit there website for more information – 

A big thank you to our trainers at Tower Hamlets CEPN.

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Avondale Newsletter – Sep 2019

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Avondale Newsletter – Aug 2019

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Avondale Newsletter – July 2019

Yesterday our HS Advisor, Mathew Nice, visited @westham training ground to support @ldnairamb . Mat was electrocuted in 2002 whilst working on street works and was badly injured. After a incredible recovery, he regularly tours sites speaking of his experience and how the charity supported him during/after this tragic accident. He is forever grateful they saved his life.

London Air Ambulance Charity are celebrating 30 years of service and London’s premier league clubs are coming together and sponsoring the charities ’30 Years Saving Lives’ campaign. Visits to @westham @spursofficial and @chelseafc took place yesterday to mark the occasion. 3 ex-patients and there families were given the opportunity to visit the football clubs training grounds to meet with iconic club figures. Mat, a hammers fan himself got the opportunity to meet with #DavidGold@bbcnews interviewed Mat and featured the report yesterday evening. See his feature below on our Instagram page.


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Avondale Newsletter – Jun 2019

Today is Victoria’s 21st birthday. 

We decided to make it extra special for her and start her celebrations a day earlier before she takes A/L. Don’t worry, we wont let you forget the cake run when you get back 😉

We hope you enjoy your special day and happiest of birthdays to you!


McLaughlin and Harvey reached out and asked if we’d like to participate in a cycle to work morning. Kane took part in a short cycle through London with TFL, MCLH and other contractors on One Braham to help understand logistical difficulties, planning and impact on all. This was followed by a meeting with TFL in which they discussed the risks posed to cyclists and what suggestions they had.

Thank you for this opportunity and improving London’s roads!