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Our team at 1 Bank Street received a Environmental Best Practice by CWCL for the CCS visit on 30th April…

Our team at 1 Bank Street received a Environmental Best Practice by CWCL for the CCS visit on 30th April 2019.

Were constantly implementing new products/services to help safe working and protecting our environment. Well done to the team at 1 Bank Street.

Our site manager, Giedrius Janavicius, completed a case study on the benefits of this compactor on site.


Environmental Best Practice

In January 2019, Avondale installed a compactor on site for waste management. The compactor takes the following waste streams:

  • Mixed Recycling
  • General Waste

The compactor allows us to fit more waste into one container by ‘squashing’ bulky materials therefore allowing us to fit more waste into the same space.

The reasons for installation were primarily to improve the management of our logistics area in the basement as it reduces traffic movements for skip delivery and exchange.

By installing the static compactor, we have saved 10 skip collections per week (based on skip usage prior to installation). Therefore we have saved 10 return journeys to the depot we use at London SE14. We estimate that this is approximately 80 miles of travel saved per week which results in the approximate saving of 117 tonnes of carbon per week.

Over the course of the project this should mean a carbon saving of 5031 tonnes.

That’s the equivalent of 7 people living carbon neutral for their entire lifetime!

(The average UK individual’s carbon footprint is 9 tonnes per year)

Waste sent away via the compactor is then sorted and segregated at the depot, reaching a 98% diversion from landfill rate which supports our BREEAM certification and evidence.

This also results in a notable cost saving as there is only one waste collection now required per week.

There are also safety benefits for our staff as by reducing the number of skip exchanges, we are reducing the people and plant interface on our site. The compactor also has the ability to tip the bins into the compactor itself therefore reducing the manual handling involved with loading a standard skip.

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