1 Finsbury Avenue

Main Contractor: Sir Robert McAlpine

Package: Logistics, Waste Management and Temporary Welfare Facility

1 Finsbury Avenue is a 7-storey commercial office and retail redevelopment on Broadgate Estate in London EC2. The redevelopment will introduce a cinema, retail and restaurants area as well as new reception area on the ground floor. New office areas on levels 1-7 are being fitted out and new staircases and goods lift are being provided on areas around the main entrance and to serve the basement and new roof terraces.

Avondale Construction Limited works include Logistics Management and Supervision, Traffic Management, Delivery Management incl. Online Delivery Booking System, Waste Management and Removal, Goods Hoisting Operations, Fire Safety incl. Fire Marshalling and Hot Works, Welfare Management and General Carpenter and Handyman Duties.

Avondale were also employed to construct an exemplar welfare facility within the building. Timber doors recovered from the strip out were repurposed to construct a timber wall and canteen furniture. With the help of design students from University of East London, recovered light diffusers were repurposed to form ‘lighting clouds’ above the ‘door tables’ and ‘door benches’ also.


  • Client: British Land