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3 Broadgate

Main Contractor: Sir Robert McAlpine

Status: Under Construction


Package: Traffic Management / Builderswork


3 Broadgate is a commercial refurbishment which includes new includes a decorative tile façade on a three storey tall archway. The building, also known as the Pavilion, was used as a sales suite when the development was first completed in the 80s. Its redevelopment is to reflect its surrounding buildings and encompass a new lease of life. Works have commenced to create a striking building in-keeping with its neighbours and the new vision for Broadgate Vision while also providing a more attractive route through the ground floor between Broadgate Circle and Finsbury Avenue Square. The project is scheduled for completion in 2019.


Avondale Construction Limited works include Traffic Management and Supervision, Delivery Management incl. Online Delivery Booking System, Carpenter and Handyman Duties and Temporary Hoarding Construction.

  • Client: British Land