70 Mark Lane

Avondale Construction Limited were employed by Sir Robert McAlpine to carried out the logistics management package at 70 Mark Lane a particularly challenging island site next to Fenchurch Street Station in the City of London. The overall project scope comprised of the construction of a 16 storey steel framed office building in a congested area of the City of London.

Our role included: –

Logistics Management

Successfully controlling all site deliveries utilising Avondale’s bespoke Delivery Management booking-in system along with the WRAP waste control and monitoring system, covering the following areas:

i.    Vehicle waiting areas.
ii.    The vehicle call off at a time required to occupy the scheduled available
iii.    Materials offloading – Via cranes and beam hoist in conjunction with the Trade Contractor.
iv.    Vertical lifting at road side.
v.    Transporting materials to the required level for on floor.
vi.    Work with the SRM management to allocate use of cranes and hoists for material deliveries and waste removal via DMS system.
vii.    Co-ordinate the Consolidation Centre deliveries when in use.

Traffic Management

Co-ordination of all traffic marshals who are tasked to control vehicle movement on and around site, via the delivery management system, including producing delivery schedules on a daily basis.


Co-ordination of the welfare areas on site, comprising of:

i.    Cleaning of temporary welfare facilities.
ii.    Hanging rack attendant.
iii.    Stock control throughout the project.
iv.    Construction, maintenance & decommissioning of the temporary welfare facilities.

Fire Safety

Establishing a regime which meets the requirements of the British Standards for Fire Safety of construction sites, based upon the needs of the Mark Lane project, covering the following:

i.    Briefing our site fire marshal.
ii.    Checking Fire points on site.
iii.    Maintenance of fire extinguishers.
iv.    Installation & maintenance of Fire signage, including emergency exit routes, muster points etc.
v.    Control of hot works permits.

Materials distribution

Co-ordinating the site delivery of materials, utilising the Avondale web based DMS system and our Materials Distribution Team:

•    Forklift assisted deliveries.
•    Unloading and distribution of materials to the work face.
•    Produce daily delivery schedules.

Waste Management

Responsible for the waste management on the project overseeing the following the daily tasks:

i.    Cleaning of floors.
ii.    Cleaning of walking routes.
iii.    Record offending site waste to specific trade contractors, via our Site Tidy system (web based), and remove if necessary via a contra charge system.
iv.    Segregation of site waste into trade streams and record data on our Loud system.
v.    Removal of site construction waste off site via skips, dustcart collections.
vi.    Recycle waste into metal, Hazardous & mixed – No further segregation possible due to site restrictions on area available on waste compound.

Rainwater Management

Water management system on site comprising of the following:

i.    Installation, maintenance & final removal of temporary bunds, screening and covers over risers/hole/voids.
ii.    Installation, maintenance & final removal of settlement tank.
iii.    Removal of rain water ingress on the floors.
iv.    Installation, maintenance & final removal of temporary downpipes gullies.

Safe Access Maintenance

Installation, maintenance & final removal of temporary site handrails, steps, ramps, covers and walking routes.

Our Managing Director was a member of the Project Safety Leadership Team (SLT) throughout the duration of the project.

  • Client: Sir Robert McApline
  • Value: £1.8 million
  • Location: City of London
  • Architect: Bennett Associates