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Avondale’s Aim
Well planned and properly implemented logistical arrangements on construction sites are essential to a successful project. As a Logistics Service Provider, we have exceptional experience in assisting Clients in a number of key areas. By addressing what Avondale values as the core elements of a construction project, we can improve on time, cost, quality, health, welfare, safety and environmental performance for your site – whatever the scale of the project. Whether you require an integrated logistics package or more of a bespoke solution tailored to your specific, changing needs, we welcome the opportunity to review your project and provide a competitively priced logistics solution.

Logistical services we can provide include:
•    Security
•    Perimeter hoardings
•    Access Control
•    Manned Guarding
•    CCTV Installations
•    Welfare and site office establishment
•    Site Induction Videos
•    Waste Management
•    Delivery Management System
•    Nursing & First Aid
•    Fire Protection / Detection
•    Rainwater Management
•    Ramps / Hoist Run-offs

Our sister company Cosite also provides Construction Site Wi-Fi services and Digital Signage Systems