Waste Management

Avondale as a company is very focused of the effects that construction has on the environment and have a number of systems which not only actively reduce their Clients’ construction waste disposal costs but lowers the risk to the environment. Together with our network of waste carriers and Material Recycling Facilities and waste reprocesses we achieve the highest possible rate of diversion from landfill on all waste removed during a project’s lifetime.

Our sites team pride ourselves on ensure your project housekeeping is maintained to an excellent standard.

Avondale have invested heavily in training our employees in waste management and environmental awareness so this can reduce the environmental impact of our Clients’ projects. We have a number of innovative waste management systems that we are currently using across our sites.

Avondale’s Live Online Waste Data (LOWD) System

Avondale collaborated with a market-leading software  developer to produce an unrivalled system for the accurate tracking and administration of waste generated by a construction project.

Trade Contractors are each assigned their own lockable bins marked with a unique barcode. Once full and returned to Avondale each bin is scanned and weighed using a small weigh-station and PDA. The resulting waste data is instantly published to a live web-page for real time analysis by the waste management team.

Avondale Construction prioritizes environmental sustainability by actively reducing construction waste, lowering disposal costs, and achieving high rates of diversion from landfill.

LOWD has been created to be very user-friendly and minimal training is  required to operate the system. This enables Avondale and their Clients to  actively manage waste in real-time, throughout the month, day or hour to stop excess waste and in turn reduce a project’s carbon footprint.

LOWD is very easy to implement and Avondale will provide all the required technology, managing the entire process from start  to finish offering you greater control over both environmental and financial expenditure.


Static Compactors

The use of static compactors on our sites has drastically reduced the volume of waste being removed. These units compact waste material down to a fraction of the original volume, ensuring optimum logistics efficiency by significantly reducing the number of vehicle movements required to remove waste from our sites.

Effective Waste Management Solutions