Dear Customers/Suppliers/Website visitors,

With cases of Fraud at an all-time high – please be vigilant and if in doubt please contact Avondale via our Head Office 020 7485 3475. We are aware of fraudsters using the domain name (adding an 's' to our correct domain name) sending emails in an attempt to set up supplier accounts.

Meet the Team

At Avondale, our biggest assets are the people we employ.  We have team of highly skilled individuals, all of whom play an integral part in the continued success of Avondale – all the way from our senior management team through to our site operatives and tradesmen, administration and of course the support at our Head Office. We value all of our team members for their unique skills and experiences that make them vital to our organisation.

Every step of the way, you can be assured that you are working with the very best people in their field, those whose attention to detail can be relied upon and professional attributes are guaranteed.

Rabia Razzaq

Payroll Officer

Kevin Harris

Fire Advisor & Contract Labour Manager

Mark Whittaker-Smith

Senior Contracts Manager

Gunjan Sarda

Finance Manager

Shema Almhade

Finance Assistant

Nick Curran

Managing Director

Debbie Jonas

HR Manager

Gerry McGee

Operations Director

John Giffin

Commercial Manager

Adrian Bonnett

Commercial Manager

Kane Whitlock

Pre-Construction Manager

Kane Morrissey

Contracts Manager

Victoria Law

Office Administrator

Mirka Kubosiova

Accounts Assistant