Avondale’s Aim
Well planned and properly implemented logistical arrangements on construction sites are essential to a successful project. As a Logistics Service Provider, we have exceptional experience in assisting Clients in a number of key areas. By addressing what Avondale values as the core elements of a construction project, we can improve on time, cost, quality, health, welfare, safety and environmental performance for your site – whatever the scale of the project. Whether you require an integrated logistics package or more of a bespoke solution tailored to your specific, changing needs, we welcome the opportunity to review your project and provide a competitively priced logistics solution.

Logistical services we can provide include:
•    Security
•    Perimeter hoardings
•    Access Control
•    Manned Guarding
•    CCTV Installations
•    Welfare and site office establishment
•    Site Induction Videos
•    Waste Management
•    Delivery Management System
•    Nursing & First Aid
•    Fire Protection / Detection
•    Rainwater Management
•    Ramps / Hoist Run-offs

Our sister company Cosite also provides Construction Site Wi-Fi services and Digital Signage Systems

Avondale’s Delivery Management System (DMS)

Our web based DMS ensures deliveries are co-ordinated and only occupy their scheduled time slot. The system is setup bespoke for each site, taking into account access and egress routes, and site logistics constraints and can be structured to accommodate both multi-plot sites, and multi-site developments. Deliveries can be booked by trades and administrated by our traffic marshals via both smartphone app and a dedicated secure webpage.

The system allows for the automatic calculation of carbon emissions and includes features for monitoring Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) .

Avondale’s TeamWorkSmart Platform

Avondale have invested in the development of a smart-forms platform to assist in the management of our many site inspections. This system reduces paper waste through transferring  all our field reporting responsibilities to a mobile  software application. The platform can be accessed via smart phone, tablet or  PC, allowing efficient management of our logistics duties through a simple interface.

Comprehensive archiving and filtering functions allow quick and easy search and review of all completed inspections and the resulting data is made available for examination by  both our logistics management team and head office staff, with logins for our clients also.

Comprehensive Logistics Solutions for Construction Projects