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The Westbury Hotel

The Westbury Hotel is located within the Mayfair Conservation Area and occupies a corner plot on the junction of New Bond Street and Conduit Street. The new project is to completely transform the existing hotel, removing the existing eighth floor structure and portion of rear building to all floors. The basement will be extended to level -2, and the rear structure will also be extended increasing the footprint and installing a new rear façade.  The interior will be completely stripped back to concrete and refitted to provide 5+ star accommodation for approximately 200 guestrooms.

Avondale Logistics works include Traffic Management, Delivery Management, Fire Marshalling, Waste Management, Welfare Management, and Handyman and Carpenter Duties. Avondale have also been employed to design and install a turn-key internal welfare and office facility at ground floor and basement level of the hotel.

  • Client: Strandbrook Ltd
  • Location: Mayfair, London